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Jeff Harvey

Jeff Harvey Choosing the “right fit” with a counselor is an important step. For those seeking a warm and safe environment to explore and grow Jeff invites you to reach out. “Counseling is not about providing answers, rather, it is about allowing my client to discover the truth that they already unconsciously hold and have not yet, acted upon.” With that belief, Jeff enjoys helping clients discover their own inner wisdom that is beckoning them.

Having earned his degree in psychology from University of Omaha Jeff has a lifetime of professional experience in dealing with a wide range of issues: depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, marriage and family relationships. His background experience is working with those in law enforcement and is empathetic to the pressures those in public service face.

Jeff has a very engaging approach to counseling. Clients report that they appreciate his relaxed and authentic style. “He is very easy to talk to.”

If you are looking for perceptive and discerning support, then you have already discovered a non-judgmental, understanding therapist. Jeff helps people find their inner strength to work through adversity and move on to live healthier happier lives.

Please contact Jeff directly at 531-203-8048


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