Why an EAP is Important
For a Corporate Environment

Employee Assistance Program

Human Dynamics are an important aspect of business. The human component is what makes business flourish and it is also what can bring it to its knees. It was Henry Ford who was known for the quote, “Why is it when I need a pair of hands I have to get the whole man?” The human factor in industry has often seemed an inconvenience to… well, industry. A business focuses on the same qualities as a human being does, purpose, security, growth, etc. If a business needs these needs met to sustain a business model, so also a worker’s needs must be met to sustain their productivity.

Even in the 21st century, a business leader ponders the uncertain question of whether emotions are a liability or an asset. The brain cannot be separated, in fact, it is in the union of the rational, logical mind and the emotional, creative mind that the greatest contributions can be found. With today’s neuroscience, we can temper the “false self” by igniting the “true self” of a person to manage emotions through cognitive strategies so that industry is kept efficiently in balance. Firefly Horizons Under Hummingbird SkiesThe false self is the inauthentic way of being where one tries to overcome obstacles through sheer will power, while the true self is the part of us that is authentic in acceptance of the obstacle. Developing a workforce that can exercise acumen when faced with any challenge starts with the individual facing their internal challenges. This is where your Employee Assistance Program holds a critical role. Your company has made an investment in your wellness because they recognize that healthy employees make a healthy company. Log into your EAP portal at Firefly Horizons

It is Easy to Access Your EAP Benefit
For Your Employees and Your Families

It is easy to access your EAP benefit for the first time. Contact Steve Thomas by calling or texting him at 402.953.9028 and leave him a voicemail with your name, the company you are with, and how you would like to be contacted (phone or email). If you prefer, you may send an email with this information to Steve Thomas: fireflies@fireflyhorizons.com and provide a brief description of your need and the best way in which to reach you. Your voicemail or email will be responded to within 24 hours. No concern is too small to confront. The smallest of concerns are the potential seeds for greater calamity. Often, processing your thoughts with a professional provides the confidence to tackle many of life’s challenges.

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