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Concepts For a Complete Cultural Change

The road to financial freedom begins with a choice. A choice to change the way you think, plan, and live financially every second of every day. Financial Care Training is offered as a workshop and one-on-one consultation.

Workshop sessions are interactive and require accountability within the group. Typically the group is comprised of individuals/couples within the community that have made the choice to pick up a different compass and change the course of their financial future.

Individuals and Couples consultation is also available for those seeking discernment, wisdom, and direction financially in a private/confidential setting.

True financial freedom will not only heal past financial wounds, but will also radically change your personal and spiritual relationships. Incredibly, you will notice a change in how you view the world. Once your financial compass is in alignment with your path in life, you will not recognize the person (financially) you once were.

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If you would like further information or private consultation on how to achieve financial freedom, please email Shawn at this link or call (402) 502-3430 (office), (402) 490-6464 (cell).

Shawn Johnson BA in Business Administration - Minor in Economics. In his current corporate role, Shawn leads a team of lending professionals in consumer debt restructuring, mortgage lending, risk assessment and financial compliance.


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