Meet the Lens Ladies Distortions

Select an image from the colorful feminine collage in the right column below to witness the expression of pain hidden behind the beauty of the face. Each woman masks her given "name" and the painful feeling associated with it. Choose the one that connects with you most. Each one has a story to tell. For a closer look at what each is experiencing, look for their malady in the left column of DISTORTED LENSES for a deeper review.
<center>Payne's<br/>Powerlessness</center> <center>Chevy's<br/>Control <br/><strong>LONE RANGER</strong></center> <center>Victoria's<br/><small>Voicelessness</small></center> <center>Joni <small><i>the</i></small> Jetsam<br/>REGRET<br/><i>"If Only"</i></center> <center>Sheila's<br/>Shame</center> <center>Reba's<br/>Responsibility</center> <center>Polly <i>the</i><br/>Pleaser</center> <center>Ingrid's<br/>Insignificance</center> <center>Ursula's<br/>Unworthiness</center> <center>Charlee's<br/>Competition</center> <center>Prentiss <i>the</i> <br/>Perfectionist</center> <center>Lena's Lonliness</center>
Sample lenses in which women commonly distort themselves






































O For The Soul Crystal