Meet The Team

Crystal Anzalone, MS, LMHP, LPC
(402) 598-8511

Crystal Anzalone portrait

Crystal is the Metaphoric Arbitrator of a clients inner journey through the narrow passage between what is known and what is unknown. When one seeks the outer guide to understand the inner confusion that they carry, the right interpreter is critical, for sometimes confusion is mistaken as uninterpreted illumination.

Crystal is an interpreter of the soul who understands the arduous journey from the Cimmerian caverns of the deep sea and the adaptations required in the slow ascension.  Read More

The associates with Crystal and Associates listed below are independent colleagues in their respective disciplines and each operate legally as an separate entity although we share a unified vision of excellence and collaborate to best serve our clients needs. Each counselor sets their own schedule and appointments. Please contact directly, the counselor you would like to make an appointment with, unless you are coming through your EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

If you have been referred by your EAP, please call Crystal Anzalone (402) 598-8511 and she will ensure you are placed with a counselor that fits your particular need. Our associate network spans throughout the Omaha-Metro area.

Jayne Stickman, MS, LMHP, LPC, NCC
(402) 707-9695

Jayne Stickman portrait

Jayne has spent the past 20 years in the Human Services field working with Children and Families at risk.

Jayne holds a Master’s degree in counseling from UNO. She interned and continues a relationship with The Attention and Trauma Center of Nebraska. Jayne conducts Trauma Trainings for KVC Behavioral HealthCare.

Jayne uses a realistic therapeutic approach that focuses on your daily life concerns.  Read More

Steve Thomas, Employee Assistance Director
(402) 953-9028

Steve Thomas portrait

Steve is the Chief Conversational Officer of Crystal and Associates with responsibility for directing the Employee Assistance Program. Steve is a graduate student at Bellevue University and will graduate in 2020 with his degree in Clinical Therapy. Steve has experience leading process groups and writing provocative articles and curriculum for our EAP clients on our EAP portal website Firefly Horizons. Formerly, our newsletter Editor-in-Chief of INsightOUT from its inception in 2012 under the pen name Cal Kripke. Read More

Kelly Brown, MS, PLMHP
(531) 222-578

Kelly Brown portrait

Kelly offers a diverse therapy approach to meet her clients needs. She specializes in adolescents, adults and couples who are struggling with life transitions, emotional disturbance and many other challenges. Kelly’s goal through therapy is to reduce emotional distress, cope with physical suffering, lessen anxiety, decrease depression and promote self-compassion. She provides an atmosphere of safety and trust, where her clients have a chance to explore, understand, and change their life. Kelly believes therapy is an ongoing struggle between a part of us that desires change and a part of us that strives to stay in our familiar comfort zone. As a therapist, she champions the side seeking growth and change.

Kelly received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University in Colorado, and received her Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University in Nebraska. She has worked in the therapy field since 2010 in various positions, such as clinical, community and residential. Read More

Shawn Johnson
(402) 490-6464

Shawn Johnson portrait

Shawn Johnson served as Vice President of a financial institution for thirteen years and is now working for Carlson Financial in Elkhorn, NE.

Shawn’s role as a Founding Associate has positioned him to teach the skills necessary to “free” yourself financially. It goes well beyond the basics of budgeting. His belief is that financial freedom is not simply a goal, but a way of life. It’s a lifelong commitment. Read More


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