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We have a story to tell...people think in stories…our brains are wired that way...stories help us to see more clearly, which is another way of saying “seeing with the eyes of the heart.” Stories allow us to transcend to another dimension of understanding. Recognizing and comprehending things that are not obvious to the “seen world,” rather, stories bring context and allow us to experience more fully things that “are not easily seen.” There is more to our lives than meets the eye and that is our mission, to bring a reflective light to what is not clearly seen.

First, we will tell you a bit of our story (personal journey) for the purpose of introduction and then we will invite you to tell us your story. There is tremendous healing as you tell your story and discover from an objective viewpoint the things that shaped your life. All of us are where we are today because of the choices we have made prior; and prior to that perhaps someone else made choices for you that you had no power over. But that can be different now. My story consists of detours. My on-going life experience has been a journey of personal inner healing. At times it was a painful excoriation of my soul. Excoriation is used medicinally to destroy or remove an area of skin for the purpose of cleansing the wound for healing. At times it felt that painful, soul work is not for the faint of heart, rather for those wanting to break free from faulty filters within.

Edward Wimberly wrote in Recalling Our Own Stories, “Beliefs and convictions are represented by certain repetitive themes that appear in the stories we tell…Myths are the stories we tell while themes reflect the beliefs and convictions in the stories…The project of existence is an overarching framework in an individual’s life that gives meaning and shape to everything that goes on…It is the dominant, self-understood purpose for which we have been born. It tells us what to do daily…and it informs how we execute our roles and function. It serves as a kind of road map in fulfilling our call” (p. 4).

Although I am more than half way through my journey of life, it seems to be a continual discovery in finding fulfillment in the deepest desires that have been whispering to me all of my life. When I was young, I wanted my life to impact others in a positive way. However, my family of origin environment was not conducive to on-going growth; there were roadblocks that created stagnation unbeknownst to me. In fact, I did not know that I was supposed to do anything special with my life except wake up the next day. Somehow I missed something in the foundation stages of goal setting. I had desires that I was not able to give voice and I was so impressionable that I allowed others to tell me how to live rather than stand up for what my heart was whispering. As a naïve young woman, without a cause to fight, a dream to fulfill, I simply did not have a plan for my life. John Eldredge in his book, The Journey of Desire opens with “There is a secret set within each of our hearts. It often goes unnoticed, we rarely can put words to it, and yet it guides us throughout the days of our lives. This secret remains hidden for the most part in our deepest selves. It is the desire for life as it was meant to be” (p.1).

Crystal and Associates invite you into the discovery process. In telling your story; you may learn how to “give voice” to what has been whispering to your heart. We creativity and passionately are continually developing and fine tuning meaningful sessions so that you might participate in confidential and safe soul work through experiential workshops, discovering internal healing and learning how to reauthor the life scripts that have held you back from experiencing life as you have desired.

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