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Ophthalmology for the Soul Experiential Group Workshop provides a platform to experience Soul Work in a creative and emotionally safe environment. It is a Respite for those seeking Soul Rejuvenation. This process includes a multi-faceted approach: 1) Educational component. 2) Recognition of distorted lenses with practical ways to see new. 3) Activations for the reinforcement of teaching. 4) Processing internal issues with others in a safe environment as you actively discover new vision when trying on other lenses.

By clicking on Meet the Lens Ladies Distortions you will be introduced to the Lens Ladies and a few of their personal distortions. You may discover that some of their lenses might be familiar to you. This familiarity comes with a certain predisposition depending upon your world-view and experiences, positive or negative or somewhere in between. The main focus of our workshop is about sharing your own story and exploring ways in how to spot certain types of lies which has hindered growth or even wounded women’s souls.

Ophthalmology for the Soul Experiential Workshops are for those ready for a soul journey.

Ophthalmology for the Soul is an opportunity for a soul journey. Each of us possesses a unique essence which is manifested through our mind, will and emotions; originating from a Greek word psyche which means our soul. Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine dealing with the structure, function and diseases of the eye. The premise of Ophthalmology for the Soul is all about understanding our soul-vision and to determine if we need a corrective lens. It is uncertain who actually penned the famous quote, "The eyes are the windows to the soul," however, "The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your entire body will be full of light. But if your eye is unsound, your whole body will be full of darkness." (Matthew 6:22-23)

It makes sense, then, that the perspective we hold of our life, our worth, our self, how we view ourselves from the inside, is a product of what has been absorbed through our senses, from the world around us, from harshly spoken words, even the attitudinal powerful messages of words unspoken. No one wants to live in darkness. Yet, believing untruths (lies), our self-views can be distorted, our eyes diseased, if you will. Thus, we unknowingly live in darkness. . . until we see the light.

The foundation of Ophthalmology for the Soul was birthed through the personal emergence of Crystal Anzalone. In 2005, Crystal realized that writing her autobiography for a seminary class was impetus for more internal soul healing. She discovered how writing her narrative became another step in reauthoring her life. This platform was yet another layer in her soul healing and provided a new hope within. This was illuminated with Hebrews 12:1-2, “…let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who authors and finishes our faith.” It occurred to her how profoundly that God is a playwright and director of our lives; the author and finisher of our life story. However, God does not write the script alone, rather it is likened to co-authoring. The word playwright is a combination of a prefix and suffix combined to indicate someone who has “wrought words, themes and other elements into a dramatic form, someone who crafts plays” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playwright). It made complete sense to Crystal. God has set the stage for us as humans by placing us on planet earth to play out (live out) life, on the stage of real-life. With this understanding she found confidence that whatever God authored, that He would be faithful to help her complete the journey.

She wrestled with and questioned God about the traps and detours that betwixt her earlier in her life. It had always been her desire to serve God in ministry since age 16. At times the detours were overwhelming and emotionally debilitating. Through her own healing process she began to see a perspective that she had not envisioned before. It was about reauthoring her life even in the midst of failure, disappointment and detours. The most illuminating thought occurred to her, “The very detour I despised became the unexpected thoroughfare that catapulted my life to a new place; physically, geographically, emotionally and spiritually.”

This realization was sunshine breaking into her soul, “So, it’s not too late for me at this stage of my life?” She was encouraged to take another step without condemning herself even though she had been awakened to the fact that her own choices had made a real mess of her dreams. She also realized that there were other influences at play. She was not unlike others who had experienced childhood issues, misunderstandings, powerlessness, voicelessness, failures, attachment disorders and a plethora of other internal wars. Nevertheless, in the discovery of an answer to her internal questioning, “Why did this happen to me?” She refused to cast blame on others for who she was and how she ended up where she was. Facing her past was about understanding herself, not about imposing blame on anyone. It was taking personal responsibility, but this time without the shame and self-condemnation that had been lurking within her psyche since she was a child.

A principle in Genesis 50:20 has been pivotal for her, “What the evil one [enemy of our soul] means to use to destroy, God will use it for good to the benefit of many.” She ruefully emphasized, “It was a painful process, certainly not a glib and carefree journey. I realized that at age 34 that I was a little girl encased in a woman’s body. I was a woman-child. The pain and discipline during that time helped me to develop internally what had been lacking before. That has been paradoxically, life changing.”

In 2009, Crystal shared the concept of Ophthalmology for the Soul with Joni LeRette-Flores. A vintage calendar-art collection of women with fun and funky optic frames was the initial visual inspiration for Crystal. After sharing the artistic images and verbal concept, Joni did not waste a moment in which she began to take the concept and turn it into a written form of word-art. Together, they co-authored Ophthalmology for the Soul Workbook and Journal. Joni is a brilliant word-smith and she has carved with keyboard, heartfelt articles and stories that convey timeless truths in what one publisher said, “Joni, you have a way of writing deeply, as in a John Malkovich style.” Joni has authored Sam and Me, in children’s prose an epic and study representing her relationship with an atheist. Most recently she creatively encapsulated many of life’s disappointments in Trials and Error(s) The Many Lives of Francis Crenshaw, Life has Killed the Dream I Dreamed. Joni’s writings are available by request.

In 2010, Tami Coil was introduced into our process by her own soul journey. Tami, being creative, working through her past pain with counseling and art therapy, collaging of the soul, journaling her own reauthoring process, being desirous to experience deeper soul work, Googled, “Soul Work.” She found Crystal’s workshop regarding Ophthalmology for the Soul on an internet search. It was a glove-fit for Tami as her creative-right-brain personality introjected the concepts with the hands-on-visuals used in the workshop. This took the spiritual learning experience to a deeper level for her. Since then Tami has been consulting and providing invaluable input into growth for Ophthalmology for the Soul. Tami Coil has been appointed director and facilitator of Ophthalmology for the Soul Experiential Workshops.

We continue today with on-going zeal and passion for women’s issues. We invite you on this journey of self-discovery with us. Please email us today for a personal consultation. [Email Us]

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