Wounded Valkyrie

Our soul journey is the culmination of our life's most intimate questions. Often the questions we never like to speak out loud. We find these questions in our disappointments, griefs, and dark nights. They don't approach in the broad daylight of our ego but wait for an audience when the ego has been reproached. Our soul's journey is always before us, but often unknown to us. When our ego finds its own limitation, it begins to hear the distant call of the soul's summons.

Trauma could devour us if our minds failed to reconcile our conscious with what remains unconscious. The wound and the treasure are intricately intertwined. The healing extends beyond the ego to the inner self.

If you have been served the soul's summons under the assault of contradicting experiences and paradigms, a guide can assist in your translation to deeper meaning.

Individuals have their own unique pattern of relating. This pattern of relating is developed over a lifetime for adaptation in order to survive. It begins in the family of origin, then later, in the larger world outside the family. Frequently our methods of survival are outdated in an ever-changing world. Not only do they become outdated, but these methods, if adhered to with ignorance, (which is to say what we do not yet know) can betray us with psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fear, and relationship issues. The philosophical approach of Crystal and Associates is to discover new, more productive, meaningful, fulfilling and symptom-free ways of relating.

The phenomenon of falling in love paints a vivid example of how we can begin to distort the "other" early in relationships. These distortions are projected through our own particular needs and how we interpret others through our lens of experiences. In time the projection wanes, and a realistic view of the "other" emerges in their humanity. These distorted projections leave us unresolved in their wake, creating conflict in their uninterpreted confusion. For we believe the "other," certainly "deceived" us into thinking they were something they are not.

You may or may not be at a critical juncture in your relationship, but you do realize that it is time for another perspective that is unbiased. You and your significant other may be at a flashpoint deciding whether to move forward or end it all. Counseling is not a guarantee that marriage thrives or survives. You will find the key within yourself to consciously pursue your truest self, whether that is together or apart or in a peace-treaty of compromised coexistence.




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