With the newest frontier of therapy, Crystal and Associates
has transitioned exclusively to TeleTherapy.

We are living in an extraordinary era of multi-dimensional life stressors that breed a prolific and prolonged uncertainty. Little did any of us imagine that by March 2020 our lives would abruptly change. In adaptation to the COVID-19 crisis, I expanded my grounding in technology to foster an amenable mental health treatment approach. In March 2020 I began engaging clients via a TeleTherapy Platform with the intent to return to the familiarity of my office space. However, circumstances continued to escalate leading me to move my practice exclusively to TeleTherapy via a HIPAA compliant/secure Therapy Portal by September 1, 2020.

What is TeleTherapy?

TeleTherapy is mental health counseling over a HIPAA compliant video conference platform to support your emotional well-being.

Benefits of TeleTherapy.

Efficiency: Time being a valuable resource, there is none spent in travel. No leaving home in inclement weather: From the comfort of your home or office you are able to connect to therapy.
High satisfaction: Users of quality TeleTherapy report high satisfaction with treatment.
Emotional safety: In some situations, clients are feeling at ease in sharing more vulnerably because of the cocoon of safety in their own home.
Access for remote clients: Even if you live outside of Omaha, NE, I am able to see you as long as you are in the state of NE.
Conducive for public health: Allowing people to receive mental health treatment at home without risking the spread of infection during epidemics and pandemics. TeleTherapy makes it safe for client and therapist.

Drawbacks of TeleTherapy.

Therapy Environment: For people with little privacy at home, finding space might be stressful. It is challenging for the client to give to themselves the sacred space that is offered in the sanctuary of the counselor’s office. Together we will strive to create a “tele-presence,” which is to say, create a sense of presencing through the video platform.
Possible Distractions: You may see texts or emails come across your screen while on video-conferencing. This inadvertently creates a distraction rather than remaining wholly present to the therapeutic process.
Technical Difficulties: In a few cases slow internet connections, glitches in video software and communication lags can make online therapy feel more stressful and less personal.

How a TeleTherapy Session works.

Once contact is established and we decide to work together, I will email your initial intake forms to the secure email address you provide, to fill out and upload to the Therapy Portal before our first meeting.

The initial visit is the time that you and I will begin to develop rapport and make final determinations if my therapeutic approach is the right modality for you.

It is imperative for therapy to occur in a secure, confidential setting which must be created for yourself where our conversation cannot be overheard. Please wear a headset, earbuds, or similar solutions so that our connection is clear and secure. There is a set of guidelines that I will send to you to assist you in optimizing our virtual experience.

For further preparation to enhance your meeting you may access these links:

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If you find that recent events have heightened the intensity of difficult feelings and thoughts or that they have been present for more than two weeks, seeking assistance can be your very courageous next step. Crystal and Associates remains committed to the confidential, creative and compassionate mental health of our clients. Please let us know if you have any questions about these and other changes taking place with our organization.

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